Eudrich Huysamen aged 14, a gr. 8 learner at Swartland High School in Malmesbury Western Cape, is the youngest competitor to race in Formula M at the International Killarney Racetrack in Cape Town. He is March's Supersport / Let's Play winner. He hopes to follow in the footsteps of Jody Scheckter and become the next South African F1 driver.

Eudrich started racing cars at the age of 10. Two years later he was the champion in the Swartland oval track racing championship in the 160cc class. He also participates in the 270cc class at Zone 7 Dirt Karting.

Although the humble boy does not easily talk about his accomplishments, he has already won a number of first places in various divisions. For him, however, it's more about his passion for motorsport - something he recently talked about on the lookalike Kwêla program as well as on Bok radio.

He lives by the words of Nikki Laude, which is a great inspiration to him: “He always said winning is not everything; sometimes when you lose, you learn more from it by just doing better. ”

He also looks up to Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher who have won F1 world championships six and seven times respectively.

“I spend most of my time behind my racing simulator . I like the speed and motor racing in general - especially Formula 1. ”

His father, Johan, mother, Lizette, and younger sister, Johane, 10, are his biggest supporters. Because Eudrich participates in races two weekends a month and has to get in between training, he doesn't have much time for other sports.
"We practice whenever we can, but because we are from Malmesbury, it's tough and Killarney is not always available."

If Eudrich is not on the racetrack, he relaxes in front of his Playstation. He would like to have the opportunity to go to any “learning school” overseas after school to improve his skills to become even better in the sport. His big dream is to be able to race like Formula 1 South African Jody Scheckter in the 1970s.V The annual
SuperSport Let's Play sports star of the month is in full swing. The Swartland Gazette, in association with this proud partner, will honor a young sports star from the
Swartland region on a monthly basis for his or her achievements.





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